How To Join

Dust off your instrument, brush up your sight reading, and drop into one of our rehearsals. 
It's really that easy.  You are welcome anytime.
Contact us at (505) 916-1050 or and start playing this week!


Students in grades K-12 may join and membership is free. 
Adult annual membership fee is $40 and is due at the beginning of each year.
Membership fee may be reduced for those adults that can provide evidence of financial hardship. 

The money raised by collecting dues is used to purchase new music and/or other items needed to ensure that the VCCB is able to continue pursuing it's documented charitable and educational mission within Valencia County and the greater Albuquerque,NM metro area.


  • Rehearsals are typically held on Monday evenings at 950 North Bosque Loop in Bosque Farms, NM
  • In order to be avoid inconveniencing you, please call or email us before dropping into rehearsal for these reasons:
    • 1) To ensure that we are indeed having rehearsal that day, and
    • 2) So that we may prepare music for your use to play when you arrive.

The Bands

  • Concert Band - The focus of this band is on playing your instrument in a group setting--in tune, with appropriate articulation, good tone, and rhythm.
  • Dance Band - The focus of this band is to continue to develop the skills mentioned above, and also provide members an introduction to the art of improvisation.
  • Combo Band - The focus of this band is on lead sheet interpretation, arrangement creation, experimentation with style/tempos, and continued development of improvisation skills.