Who We Are

The Valencia County Community Band (VCCB) is a tax exempt non profit 501(c)3 charitable educational organization based in Valencia County, New Mexico.  VCCB members range in age from middle school through retirement age.  Some members hadn't touched their instrument since middle school, and with a little wood-shedding--they are now performing musicians!  If you're interested in making music, please give us a call--and let's start jamming!

Our History

The VCCB began life as a Concert Band in January 2010 and was directed by Joe Arvizu, a retired school band teacher.  Within six months, the VCCB Dance Band was formed.  Soon after, The VCCB Combo was formed.  The Concert, Dance, and Combo bands have performed regularly in a wide variety of venues since March 2010.  On July 11, 2011, the VCCB Executive Committee voted these initial VCCB Officers onto the VCCB Board of Directors:  Desi Jones, Joel Jones, Ed O’Toole, and Joanna Chavez.

Our Current Work

Recruit additional band members so that we can better fulfill our mission to--give back to our community by:

  • Developing and delivering a program that enables local musicians to develop their level of musicianship through regular rehearsal and performance.
  • Delivering wholesome, entertaining music to local charitable organizations in need--at no cost.
  • Educating and promoting greater public awareness of the positive influence that music provides as an artistic endeavor and therapeutic outlet.

Our Future

We are interested in partnering with all greater Albuquerque area individuals and businesses.  If you are interested in playing music, having music played at your event, or supporting the growth of VCCB programs through financial of other forms of sponsorship--please call (505) 916-1050 or email the.vccb.nm@gmail.com so that we may discuss ways we can work together to make our community a better place!